Thursday, May 26, 2005

Back to the Future 

This story is interesting because it relates how an old technique has been modernized with computers. The technique is previsualization of scenes and shots in a film. Previsualization began with the cartoon industry back in the 1930s. In fact, Walt Disney pioneered many of its techniques when he made his first feature length cartoons. It was adapted reluctantly into dramatic filmmaking, and most directors wouldn't use it because it smacked too much of control.

Previsualization also was used in still photography. Ansel Adams stated that every photo should be previsualized before one snapped a shutter. That meant one knew how one was going to develop the film and print it and what the final picture would look like in black and white.

Previsualization is a technique that I have used frequently in PR when doing events, for example. It is a good technique to know: It saves time and money.


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