Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Off The Back Of The Truck 

What a heck of a way to suffer a PR disaster -- losing computer tapes of 600,000 employees' information off the back of a truck. But that's what happened to Time Warner, as was widely reported.

This incident is an embarrassing reminder that stupid things happen even to careful companies. It is the kind of incident that leaves a CEO spluttering with frustration and with not much to say. Of course, Time Warner is apologizing and trying to find the missing tapes. Part of the story that didn't help the company was that it waited for an entire month before telling its workers what had happened. I'm sure more than a few feel that the company has broken faith by keeping this secret for so long.

What do you want to bet that the tapes were misdelivered somewhere and are sitting in a warehouse unclaimed? It makes no difference. Time Warner won't live this down for a long time.


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