Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Publicizing Folly 

Five hurricanes struck the US last year and caused billions of dollars of damage. So what are householders in Florida and other Gulf coast states doing about it? Nothing. That is why Florida's Lt. Governor held a news conference to publicize a poll that revealed the lack of action.

It is an interesting brand of PR that highlights the stupidity of man, but it is necessary. No one needs damage again like the last hurricanes left. But, householders beg for it if they take no precautions.

What is it about people that they continue to take unacceptable risks with little thought of their actions. There are well documented examples of folly throughout the US, including building in flood zones (a real problem in New Jersey), building in high-fire zones (California) and building in hurricane zones close to the shore (The entire East and Gulf Coasts).

The worst part is that every year there is a disaster of some kind and for the most part, people return and build again.

What kind of PR would it take to convince the American public that this is folly? I think it is beyond persuasion for many. The government should step in and bar people from building in dangerous areas. It is a measure of the corruption of local government that developers are allowed to proceed again and again.

It would be an interesting PR campaign.


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