Tuesday, May 03, 2005


To understand the gullibility of man, visit Snopes regularly. It is a wonderful repository of urban legend and fiction passed off as fact. But, more importantly, it is an object lesson for PR practitioners of the kinds of rumors and innuendo that can victimize any company at any time. Snopes says it best in the business section of the site:

Businesses are the classic whipping-boys of urban legendry, and the bigger they are, the more they get whipped. Seems like they can't do anything right — they're run by people who abuse their customers, cheat the public, commit astounding marketing blunders, mistranslate their own advertisements, and donate money to organizations of dubious repute.

This is worth remembering, especially if you are in a large firm. Snopes is a wonderful resource that every PR department should consult. If you don't have it in your favorites, put it there.


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