Thursday, June 02, 2005

Good Idea = Good PR Tool 

Every since Google Maps came out, people have been finding novel uses for it. I had written about one earlier but there are a number of new ways to look at information now. Here is a listing that may or may not be complete. It is apparent that with a little work, one could use the maps to plot history tours of town, for example with satellite photos that pick out structures where one should stop. This in a crude way is what Google sightseeing is doing except that individual satellite photos of interesting objects have been picked out and assembled in one place. One could develop a treasure hunt using Google maps and imagery as a publicity event. One could show company facilities in various cities around the US by plotting them on the maps and satellite imagery. There is no end of information that can be plotted onto the map and simultaneously on the satellite photo that accompanies it. Take a few minutes to wander through the sites on the "cool uses" page then let your imagination wander.

Google Maps should be a good PR tool with a little development.


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