Sunday, June 12, 2005

Meant To Tell You This 

Readers of this blog know that I post essays irregularly on topics of interest. I have been meaning to tell everyone that all of my essays are placed in online-pr.com on a single page that is here. I have collaborated with a colleague on one of them, and he remains a critic of my work. I also get good -- and sometimes, stinging -- advice from another colleague in the business whose insights are usually better than mine. His blog is here. Others of you have weighed in too and for that, I thank all of you. The business only gets better when there is discussion of its fundamentals and dissection of what works and what doesn't.

What I write is not definitive. My essays are one person's ideas based on experience in the business and some theory. Neither are necessarily correct, and there as many opinions as there are critics on some issues. But, unless someone puts something up to discuss, there is less chance of debate. That is why the essays are posted.

There will be another one soon, I hope, that is an unhappy critique of the PR business. It is now called "Media Indifference," a title my colleague at work dislikes.

O, and one other point I forgot to mention. At the end of this week, this blog will fall into a seven-day hiatus while I'm off to do other things.


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