Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Pack Rats 

When did our lifestyles become terabytes? The idea that every one of us might be saving terabytes of data is absurd. Don't we ever throw anything away? Still, there is a human psychology at work here, and it shouldn't be overlooked when thinking about public relations. People do like to save things whether or not they ever use them again. I still have floppies with my work from 20 years ago, and the floppies are unreadable on current machines. Why? I haven't the least idea. I'm not going to root through the data again, and I might be embarrassed if I did. (Was I really that naive? Could I have written that?)

While I believe in history, there is a time to obliterate the past. I suppose one of these days, I'll get around to dumping old files that I will never view again. Meanwhile, they are stacked in my desk drawers. Terabyte lifestyle, indeed.


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