Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Dirty Trick 

This is getting to be more common in the online world. Fortunately, Reed scrambled and got out an e-mail that prevented subscribers from going away. But imagine if Reed did not know about the initial e-mail for a day or two and started to see hundreds of cancellations. It is one more reason why real-time monitoring is essential in the online world. You have enemies, and they are out to get you. It is not paranoia to think that way. It is common sense. Expect more dirty tricks. Some will be annoyances and some costly. None are jokes if they injure the reputation of the organization and its employees. The online world is still the Wild West, and no sheriffs have ridden into town to clean it up. You are still on your own and protecting the reputation of yourself and your organization is a first order of business.


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