Friday, July 15, 2005

Interesting Promotion 

A friend from a firm called CustomScoop sent me an e-mail yesterday to let me know about a free beta service it is offering. It's a quick-check graphing tool that lets you know how many mentions one keyword has had in 21,000 sources against another keyword over the last 14 days. The firm provides a range of samples to check and encourages you to play with it.

While the tool is fun, it doesn't mean much unless a user knows that all things are equal between the two comparisons and the only variant is the amount of publicity each is getting. For example, it is of no use if a company has had a disaster, which generated thousands of mentions.

Anyway, it is there and worth checking. I compared one of our clients with its nearest competitor and noted that the competitor was way below in mentions. It would be nice to keep that ratio going forward.

I also want to thank Chip Griffin who told me about the tool for not pressuring me to write about it. Chip knew if I liked it, I would mention it here. It is a lesson to others who approach bloggers.


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