Sunday, August 28, 2005


Reporters and editors are notorious for being grumpy with PR people but sometimes their dislike is funny because of its extremes. The following is a statement from Sam Grobart, Assistant News Editor of The Wall Street Journal that I picked up from MediaMap, the media contact database.

Grobart is an Assistant Features Editor for the Weekend Journal overseeing that section's coverage of Automotive, Shopping, Travel, Decor,Consumer Electronics and Food. In regards to PR contact, he says, "If you send me e-mails that clearly indicate you have no knowledge of where I work or what I do (for starters, I don't want to do a profile of your dermotologist client), I will promptly delete your message, add your address to our corporate spam filter and make sure you never do business with me or my firm again. I could tell you what topics I cover, but if you're reading this to find out, you're already someone I don't want to talk to."

So there.


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