Monday, August 01, 2005

Good to Know 

This story about web page complaints is worth reading, especially if you have influence over your organization's site. The biggest complaint, of course, is about pop-up ads.

It is the second biggest irritant that gained my attention -- a requirement to register and logon. More news publishers in the US are placing this barrier before viewers, and it ticks them off. (However, there is no easy way around registering since newspapers must make money from their sites. Their print circulation is declining seriously. )

The next irritant is surprising -- requiring a software download. I have gotten used to this -- especially when it comes to audio and video.

Other gripes about slow loading pages, dead links and confusing navigation are longstanding and have been around since the beginning of the web.

Check your web site and see if any of these irritants are part of it. Then, get them changed. Your motivation is the chart at the bottom that shows how many will simply stop coming to your site if you bug them.


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