Monday, September 12, 2005

30-year Overnight Success 

Everyone is aware that the internet wasn't much of a success until the web was invented to make it more usable. I wasn't aware that the same thing happened with the digital camera as well. The issue in both cases was usability. The internet was a university tool for geeks willing to put up with its text-driven eccentricities. The digital camera needed to reach a point where it was easier to shoot in pixels than on film. Usability is at the heart of technology and communications.


If you will recall, back in 1994 when you, me and Pete Shinbach put together the Electronic PR Office for the PRSA Conference Kodak donated a digital camera for us to play around with as part of the exhibit. As I recall the price tag for the model was a cool $10,000 and it was about the size of toaster.

Funny, while I remember thinking it was cool that you could take a picture without film, I don't recall that we were able to figure out how to make it work.

So I agree with you that usability drives adoption.



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