Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hard to Believe 

It is hard to believe that growth of broadband internet service is slowing in the U.S., but that is what this study says. And, the part that is baffling is that only 53% of Americans have broadband capability. You would think that everyone would have broadband if they could get it.

Perhaps this is a lesson. Don't assume what people would and wouldn't have. It may well be that many Americans find that dial-up is enough for them or do not use the internet because they simply don't like it all that much. This appears to be what the study concludes:

The dial-up users of 2005 are often older, less educated and have lower incomes than their 2002 counterparts, (the) report said.

Still, I find it shocking that other countries around the world have a far greater percentage of citizens using broadband than we do. The future never arrives as quickly as we want it to.


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