Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Joys of Travel 

I don't travel a lot anymore so there isn't much excuse for this post. Others have it far more difficult than I. But, it was curious that twice at Chicago's O'Hare airport we were sent from one terminal to another -- several hundred yards -- in order to change planes with less than 30 minutes on the schedule. Fortunately, we made it both times, but we were exhausted on the first jaunt only to find that the departing plane had been delayed 30 minutes, and we could have walked.

Then, when we arrived back in New York 20 minutes early, the ground crew couldn't find the towbar to haul the plane into the terminal. We sat the entire 20 minutes just off the gate. That was frustrating for the pilot who apologized to everyone. He had done well only to be foiled by his company.

In the town where we were working, our Blackberries suddenly went on the fritz. We had a strong signal but no message delivery. Finally, after hours, messages arrived in bursts for no particular reason. We haven't figured out this one yet.

It's frustrating when one is trying to run an account in the office at the same time one is working on the road. Others do it well: I'm still learning.


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