Friday, October 14, 2005

Do I Laugh or Cry? 

This is one journalist's view of the "nobility" of journalism versus PR. This is the counter-response from a journalist who wisely mocks the "priestly calling" of the business. Note that he doesn't understand PR either.

A couple of points before I decide whether to laugh or cry over such vanity and self-delusion. One. Who said journalists have to be underpaid? It has been and continues to be lousy business practices of media owners that causes this situation. Two. Who said PR is all that better paid? When I entered the business, pay was terrible, and it continues that way for juniors as far as I know by comparison with other businesses.

Perhaps journalism professors are crying because students have learned there are few jobs left in the newspaper business and the students are wisely choosing other directions. If so, that's economics in action, and newspapers are not immune from economics. For that matter, neither is PR.


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