Thursday, October 20, 2005


Any practitioner in the business for a while has bumped into a romantic -- a person with high ideals and an inability to effect them. This is a continuous problem, for as much as one might like to help, the romantic has no money and no idea how to start. Because romantics are not implementers, they hope you bring operational skills, but in the process, they don't want to lose control of their idea. This makes them difficult to work with, and individuals to avoid.

The practical idealist starts work and figures out what to do along the way. This person never loses sight of the end, but he or she is willing to start small and to build. They figure time is on their side, and often, it is. If you look about the world at great idealists who have effected change, you will often find individuals who started with nothing but did not let that stop them. They were, in other words, entrepreneurs of ideals and not romantics at all.

The older I get and the longer I work in PR, the more I try to avoid romantics. They're a waste of time.


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