Monday, October 24, 2005

Wanted: Crisis Counseling 

Here is a person who could use a good crisis counselor.

I am not here to pile on, but Judith Miller's newspaper and much of the public have turned their backs to her. She is in a wilderness from which she might not return. It appears from recent communications that she believes the best way to get through this crisis is to trade blow for blow. She forgets she is not in charge of the news columns at The New York Times, and she cannot win. It would be better, it seems to me, if she were conciliatory, but that doesn't appear to be in her nature.

No matter what happens, the fight is wrecking the reputation of The New York Times. I wonder if Miller is thinking that if she goes down, the Times goes with her. Already the paper has suffered a reputation loss that will take time to recover. Perhaps the paper needed to be humbled. It had set itself above others and was widely perceived as arrogant.

All I know is that I trust the Washington Post more these days for national reporting than The New York Times. I never thought I would write that sentence.


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