Monday, December 12, 2005

San Francisco Chronicle 

The Los Angeles Times published an article that looks at the dire straits in which the San Francisco Chronicle finds itself as a "dead-tree" medium whose classified ads have been siphoned away. I wish I could be sympathetic toward the Chronicle, but it was one of the papers I read as I grew up. It was and is -- as far as I know -- a mediocre product.

What does this have to do with PR? PR practitioners should expect that lesser journalism will wither in an era of online and blogs. That is, people will go where they can get content easily and quickly. Where there are substitutes for a newspaper, they will use the substitutes. The Chronicle is well aware of this, and it is apparently testing a podcast strategy. Go here to get a podcast about the Chronicle's podcasting.

The fundamental issue still remains, however. The Chronicle is a paper that was known for its quirkiness but not for its journalism. Is there room for such eccentricity?


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