Monday, December 26, 2005

The Tsunami? 

Mourners are marking the one-year anniversary of the tsunami that killed more people than any other natural event in recent decades. But oddly, it seems like ancient history in a world that saw a hurricane disaster and devastating earthquake.

What this shows is the power of publicity and lack of it. Original reporting of the tsunami, which filled the first weeks of the year, faded then as other disasters occurred, disappeared. In the US, we have to be reminded that there was a catastrophe. Otherwise, we focus on rebuilding -- or the lack of it -- in Biloxi and New Orleans. It would seem that the victims of the tsunami need someone to speak loudly on their behalf to the world but the voice isn't loud enough. So too, the victims of the earthquake in Pakistan haven't gained the attention they need to recover, even though tens of thousands are in jeopardy and could die this winter.

As terrible as the tragedy was in the US, it seems piddling by comparison, yet the news media spend more time on the flood here than the waves and shaking mountains over there.


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