Thursday, January 05, 2006

Groundhog Games 

I got this pitch in my email a short time ago. I'm not sure why it struck my fancy, but it did. I guess I never considered that one could make groundhogs a feature of state tourism. (If I had, I would have invited Pennsylvania to come pick up the groundhog living in my backyard.)

I'm writing again on behalf of the Pennsylvania Tourism Office, and thought you might find its winter campaign worthy of coverage on your blog.

Last year, the state tried to liven up an already quirky holiday, Groundhog Day, with some funny videos about the Groundhog chasing his Shadow (www.groundhogchase.com). This year, Pennsylvania's trying to generate some excitement around the holiday again with a film about the Groundhog suffering from Cabin Fever, a la "The Shining."

We've posted online the film's trailer, and invite you to check it out at
www.groundhog202.com. Beginning on January 9, installments of the film will be posted on the site weekly, leading up to Groundhog Day itself. The site will also offer an RSS feed so that viewers can be updated when a new video is posted. The campaign runs alongside the state's Cabin Fever promotion (buy one night, get the second free), as detailed on www.visitPA.com.

Thanks for the tip. Now, tell me how to get one to move from New Jersey across the state line.


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