Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Seems About Right 

This finding about the emotional investment political partisans have in candidates and issues seems about right. It fits with the inability of either side to talk to the other.

While passion is wonderful, invoking it should be done with care. People who lose sight of another side of an issue are difficult to deal with, especially if one should compromise for the betterment of all. True, passionate people are more likely to get things done, but they are also more likely to run amok.

PR practitioners too should be cautious about falling in love with issues or clients to the point where they can no longer see other sides. The core of PR is relationships, and passionate people only want to relate to those who agree with them. They like the niches they live in: They don't want a larger world to intrude. Unfortunately, most of PR deals with a larger world.

Relationships are often pragmatic. A husband might not like the dress a wife is wearing but he'll compliment her anyway. A wife might think her husband is lazy for watching football all weekend, but she'll look the other way. Or, to use the old political cliche, "To get along, go along."
Maybe this article should be reprinted and sent to everyone in Washington, DC.


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