Monday, January 02, 2006

!$*& Technology 

I was about to start a blog entry when my wife came upstairs and asked about the sound on the DVD player in the family room. The problem. There is no sound. Strange. They were playing DVDs earlier in the day and the system worked perfectly. Suddenly, no sound. I went downstairs and fiddled with knobs and dials and there is no sound. Perfect picture but no sound. The TV works well and has sound. The DVDs don't. I am now going to mess with the system for a number of hours/days/weeks to find out what the hell happened in a few minutes between DVDs. Did someone hit a wrong button? Did something disconnect? It's a complicated theater system with an amplifier so there are many places to look before a solution presents itself.

We who work in PR don't have to mess with technology that much. We have technicians for that. We tend to forget that things break. When they do, it's infuriating. It's also normal, unfortunately.

Update: Tuesday, 4:30 am. Later last evening, someone popped a DVD into the system on a lark and suddenly it worked. Don't ask why. If anything, that's more frustrating. Technology has a mind of its own. I like to know why things work or not. Now, I have no idea until it happens again, if it happens again.


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