Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Truth in PR 

If you ski, have you ever noticed how all ski advertisements and PR show lovely young lasses schussing a mountain with long blonde hair flying? Based on a day of skiing, I would like to see the PR modified for skiiers to something along the line of: "Learn how to ski with the fewest number of broken bones." Or, "Skiing with less pain."

I can barely move this morning with aches in every joint and bumps in unmentionable places where I sat down HARD. As you can tell, I never skiied when I was young, but my daughter wants to learn how -- and she is making progress. Old guys like me, however, don't learn to hurtle down slopes with joy and abandonment. It's more like plowing in terror. My only sense of victory is that I wasn't taken from a slope yesterday on a sled as many were. We saw young folk slamming the icy pack and lying still until help arrived. It's hard to help from 40 feet in the air on a ski lift, however.

Perhaps the real problem was the skiing conditions. Falling wasn't cushioned. It was like falling on ice. So, I'm ready to help a ski resort with PR, but it would have to be my version of it. How about, "Skiing in a cast?"


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