Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Stubbornness - Part 2 

The irony of water is that away from the ocean there is too little of it, and the biggest users and wasters of water are farmers. They too are stubborn about how they consume a precious resource and getting them to use more drought resistant crops and better irrigation is difficult. Where I grew up in California, water was for fightin'. California is semiarid to desert except in the far north. It is overpopulated in the arid section, and Californians believe owning a swimming pool is a God-given right. The fight between farmers and suburbanites is decades old and will continue. The farmers could be more efficient and many are, but others have their water rights, and they're going to use them the way they see fit. Oddly, some get more money from selling water rights than they do using them on crops.

Here is another issue where PR won't help much. It comes down to economics and law.


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