Wednesday, March 29, 2006

What Do We Know and When 

Experiments like this are a reminder that we know little and when we think we grasp a situation, chances are we haven't. If one needs proof for the need to be cautious and watchful, this will do. For the most part in PR, we zing along taking in facts and shaping them into messages. Only once in a while do we question whether what we think we know is accurate.

Interestingly, yesterday a colleague and I began to speculate that things in a certain situation are not what they seem to be. There are little clues now, but they are disturbing. Events have occurred in the marketplace as well that may shape the future of the situation negatively. We're in a good spot in that we know we don't know the full story. We're in a difficult circumstance because we're marketing a story that might be open to criticism.

Right now, we're charging ahead, but we're keeping our eyes open. That's better than being trapped off.


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