Tuesday, May 23, 2006

In and Out 

Blogging may be sporadic over the next few days due to equipment problems. I have a network glitch that is often difficult to trace. It could be the cable box here at the house, the cable at home or connecting to the head-end, the head-end, my network card, the router or a combination thereof. All I know is my wife has been knocked off the system completely and my connectivity is sporadic.

Years ago I taught myself to debug PCs but since networks came along, I 've stopped trying. Systems are too complex. It's time for experts, and even experts can be stumped.

We had an situation recently at work in which a vital piece of software suddenly started to slow down. The techs reloaded it, cleaned it, toyed with it, nothing. They turned their attention to the server. Nothing. They looked at the network. Still nothing. Finally, after days of diddling, they discovered it was a switch failing in the system. It was the last thing one would think of as the problem. After popping in a new switch, the software was back to its old self.

I've got one of those problems.

My wife expects me to know what to do in situations like this because the network is critical for her business. My response is to yell for help and hope to get it fast. The tech is coming today. I don't expect him to fix it the first time, and I'm prepared to swap equipment in and out until something works right.

Wish me luck.


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