Wednesday, May 24, 2006


A hat-tip and thank you to Comcast for coming so quickly to examine the sporadic network that had plagued us for the past two weeks.

It turns out the channel access unit (misnamed "cable modem") was dying after six years of service. At the end of its useful life, the technician said. So the graceful 8-inch beige box that stood vertically next to the computer has been replaced with an ugly and squat three-inch black box from RCA that does the same job. As I write, it is blinking merrily.

My wife's problem in addition to outages was a bit different. She couldn't get e-mails with attachments. I had guessed the source of that problem. Her e-mail box was too full, and she needs deep cleaning. This, of course, is a problem when one runs a business. You can't just throw away e-mails. At work, we archive offline, and there are strict limits to what our boxes can hold. Here, the technician routed her e-mail to Microsoft Outlook that has higher storage limits so she can continue to operate.

It all seems simple in hindsight.


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