Monday, July 24, 2006

Bad Form 

This story from BusinessWeek is embarrassing to the PR business. I'm not referring to the writer's contention that phone companies still don't know how to compete. You may take that opinion as you please. I am referring to the PR people failing to tell the writer in whose home the writer was, especially since the homeowner was a company executive.

Talk about hiding a fact a reporter should know.

My friend, Peter Shinbach, sent this to me. He was a member of the old AT&T. His comment "an interesting description of how discombobulated AT&T (the new one, not the real one) PR has become."

AT&T invented many of the concepts of what PR used to be until PR turned into the marketing technique that it is mostly now. There are still those who subscribe to the rules of Arthur Page, but Arthur must be spinning in his grave.


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