Tuesday, July 04, 2006

July 4 

The Declaration of Independence for all of its magnificence was a statement of intent. It wasn't yet action. That was to come, and it showed how poorly our first leaders had conceived the country. That the nation held together was largely due to the leadership and stubbornness of Washington who got little support. Drafting the Constitution still didn't produce the country we know. It took the Civil War to resolve contradictions.

So, without trivializing the Declaration, it is right to say it was a brilliant piece of publicity that did not achieve a new relationship with essential publics. We honor the Declaration for actions it sparked. We gloss over perils it created. The more one reads the history of the period, the more one appreciates the brilliance of our forefathers and the narrow path that resulted in the United States of America. No strategic plan nor logical exercise could have or would have foreseen the outcome. It is important always to remember that grand plans deteriorate into action, and it is action that determines the relationships we have.

Admire the words: Remember what happened.


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