Friday, July 07, 2006

People Formerly Known As The Audience 

Somehow I had overlooked this essay, but it is worth reading. The writer makes the point that readers aren't passive anymore. They want to interact, converse, argue and make their feelings known. There is no amorphous and silent mass of readers, viewers or listeners.

Well, there are fewer of the amorphous and silent. I don't know about you but I rarely contact a reporter about something I've read even when the reporter has an e-mail address at the bottom of a story. I don't call radio talk shows. I appear on TV only as a host for a program.

However, the writer is correct in saying people do speak up more now than they have ever done because they have the tools to do so. You know this, of course, but how much has it affected your PR planning? Do you still in the deepest recesses of your mind think "mass" audience?


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