Tuesday, July 18, 2006

PR Coup 

The PR practitioners at Hewlett-Packard get the nod for the PR coup of the year with this announcement that was everywhere yesterday. But then, the debut of a wireless chip the size of a grain of rice that can store up to 100 pages of text is an exciting event. The possibilities are numerous for such a device, and they will grow as the price falls.

Usually I resist speculative notions of what a new product can do, but this one appears to be a slam dunk. I say "appears" because the device won't sell itself. Someone has to do the hard work to get it into use generally. For example, it is suggested in the articles about the device that it could be useful as a portable medical chart for patients. The medical field needs something like this to save money, but it will cost money to implement it, and few want to make the initial investment.

The next task for PR is produce numerous case studies of how the device is being adopted in order to get the marketing ball rolling.

Practitioners are going to be busy for years.


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