Thursday, August 24, 2006

New Forces in Business Reporting 

This site is dedicated to looking into smaller public companies and finding if they are what they purport to be. It's staffed by a well-funded, investigative business reporter. The reporter's first target was a firm called Xethanol. To put it colloquially, the reporter did a "number" on management. The CEO has already been replaced, and the company's stock has plummeted. If you are a PR practitioner in a smaller company, add the site to your watch list. The new site is one of a number coming to the fore where individuals concentrate on specific elements of business and dig more deeply than mainstream journalists. Another one is here. Still another is here.

If you are not aware of sites like this, rest assured that mainstream business reporters are. These sites are doing spade work that mainstream journalists don't have the time to do.


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