Friday, August 25, 2006

New Forces, Part 2 

I missed this but it's another example of a new style of reporting emerging on the web. This time it is focused on government. The article provides several examples of organizations that are going after legislators' prized "earmarks," -- money they get for the folks at home that also helps them to get re-elected. Eight separate groups are looking into "earmarks." They are all small, but they are chipping away at a single issue and asking others to join them.

When one steps back and considers what they are doing, they are acting like a special interest group. They are not seeking to pass legislation but to change behavior in Congress -- a somewhat futile gesture, it seems to me.

They are doing the same spade work discussed in yesterday's posting. It's not glamorous but it is useful. Their hope is that mainstream media will pick up the cause and carry it for them at some point.

Look for more of this kind of activity.


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