Friday, August 04, 2006


It's annoying to have PR used synonymously with "propaganda." The media do it constantly. This story, which I had overlooked from last week, makes a point about the Hezbollah's so-called PR operations. In point of fact, they are propaganda operations.

Or, are they? When one stands back and looks at what the Hezbollah were doing -- guiding journalists only to spots where the organization could score points against Israel --, how different is that from the way PR operates elsewhere? Don't we "guide and hide" regularly as part of our duties. Sadly, we do. We try to be open, but an overpowering need to "control" messages finds us aping practitioners of propaganda.

There should be in PR an element that is out control. That element is respect for facts as they are and not as we would like them to be.

But, try telling that to a marketer, CEO or politician.

Sure James, proactive full disclosure. I can see the new blurb for a tech company at the bottom of their news release:

"CompanyX is an industry leader in the field of self-replicating widgets. It has received multiple industry awards and has been successfully sued by the department of Commerce twice in the last three years."

Sure I'm being silly, but our basic job remains to present the client/employer under the best light possible. When you get your picture taken, you choose your best side and put a little powder on.

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