Monday, September 11, 2006

Framing An Empty Issue? 

The President has been working hard around this anniversary of terrorism to remind the world that terrorists exist and that is why we are in Iraq. The world I know isn't buying the argument. The response to the President is something like this: Yes, there are terrorists, but they weren't in Iraq when the US got there. It strikes me that the President is framing the wrong issue -- a fatal mistake in argumentation. On the other hand, the White House knows much more about the mood of the entire country than I do here on the East Coast -- the "liberal, defeatist East Coast."

If those who think the President is wrong are right, then the President's hard work is actually building a case for throwing his party out at the polls in November. It's the kind of public relations support his party members not only didn't request but don't want. It reminds the public at large why they should vote against rather than vote for.

How does one tell a higher authority that public relations support is not wanted? One can avoid campaigning with the person but overcoming the impact of nationally reported and televised speeches is difficult.

Politicians get into these public relations binds more than corporate CEOs do. I suppose they should be pitied.

Not really.


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