Thursday, September 14, 2006

Making It Up 

PR practitioners will never run out of work, if one considers errors the media make, the unwarranted assumptions, baseless speculations and printing of rumors. Here's one from last week. Here's another making the rounds in Canada. I suppose I shouldn't get upset by any of this. The more errors the media make, the more work there is for us to unwind mistakes. But, there are moments when I ask why the media can't do better? With the rise of blogs, of course, it is getting worse. Just about anyone will print any statement no matter how outrageous it might be. It will never go away.

The first rule of PR -- accuracy -- is becoming more important than ever, as opinion becomes the order of operations. Yet, accuracy is not something associated with PR by most members of the media. That says something about us, and it isn't pleasant. I wish there was a way to bar PR practitioners from the business, if they are caught lying. There isn't and won't be, but the business would rise in reputation, if practitioners were known for accuracy first and persuasive powers second.


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