Thursday, September 21, 2006

Piling On 

We're in the middle of a crisis now with a client, and several characteristics are appearing.

One is piling on. When things go bad, it is never one incident but two, then four. A second is lumpiness. There are moments of calm then spurts of frenzy, which is what happened yesterday. We had one assignment to complete. Suddenly, there was a second emergency then another. A third characteristic is weariness. After hours of working one problem, there is another and yet another while regular work piles up. A fourth characteristic is disappearance of facts. A person will tell you that this IS the case. Further checking will show it isn't quite the case. Still further investigation will show the case is weak and can't be used to rebut allegations. Another characteristic is slogging. One endures a crisis. It's dentistry without pain killer, but you move forward because you have to. And, a final characteristic is fantasy. This crisis I'm going to write about in my book someday -- the one that never gets written.


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