Friday, October 20, 2006


I missed this earlier this week but it has wise insights into how the internet forces transparency into hidebound institutions.

There is nothing more hidebound than academia. Once one graduates, calls that come in are for money. One has no other influence.

It is no secret that US colleges and universities run badly. Their tuitions skyrocket beyond the inflation rate. There is little effort to rein in costs. So far, parents continue to empty their bank accounts, but how much longer can it go on? It appears to be a PR crisis in the making.

Great point, Jim. As one who's been inside the academy for nearly 15 years, I marvel at how we've managed to avoid the belt-tightening and accountability your "real world" faces every day. Those who "manage" in academe aren't really managers. Most are folks who tired of teaching but wanted to stay in this sheltered world. If the parents who pay tuition bills (I'm one of those, too!) ever formed a union, they could turn things around quickly. Hmmm. Maybe I can work on that during my sabbatical!

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