Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Complex Problem 

We're dealing with a complex communications problem, and the client wants it simplified with a structure that allows his firm to think about it. We think we can do that, but there is no guarantee we will find a common thread.

These are times when one trusts instinct. We've done this before. We will do it again. There will be hours when we know we won't reach an end, but then we do. And, when we do, if we think about the problem correctly, it will look obvious, and we'll ask ourselves why we worked so hard.

Great communications are simple, but they encompass complex ideas and illuminate them. I think back to a demonstration of atomic fission I saw as a boy. That was a time when splitting atoms was mysterious. Animators placed dozens of mousetraps on a table with a pingpong ball on each. When they dropped one ball on a mousetrap setting it off, it flung off its pingpong ball that set off other traps and soon the table was covered with bouncing balls. It was a great visual that explained chain reaction with two simple devices.

That is what is needed here. Something direct, powerful and supportable that skeptical audiences will take to heart. It's going to take a while to find it.


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