Friday, November 24, 2006

Sitting It Out 

Today is Black Friday in the retail world -- the first big shopping day of the holiday season. Pardon me, but I'm not going near a store, nor will I take to the road, if I can help it. To me, the best thing that has happened is shopping online, which I do most of the time now. There are trips to The Home Depot for projects I'm working on, but places like Sak's Fifth Avenue (which is spamming me with Christmas ads) don't get my business. I hope those flooding malls today feel a little better that it is less crowded by one.

I suppose I should bestir myself at some point to look at the Christmas windows in the shops of Manhattan, but that's about as far as I will go.

The online world is less stressful for those who dislike shopping. Some retailers have figured that out like Amazon. Others are working their way there.


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