Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Media Crossover 

This is interesting. NBC is taking a web site and moving it to television -- a reverse media crossover. Most of the time, mainstream media have extended TV programs to web sites. We should look for more of this as the internet integrates with mainstream media.

Integration has been a long time coming. Some publications like BusinessWeek, for example, print online discussions from readers in the magazine. While interesting, it doesn't appear to be the extent of integration NBC is planning. BusinessWeek continues to be a "split" property in the eyes of some of its own reporters. (One told me recently he didn't quite understand how online meshes with the magazine, and this came after I enthused about the blogs BusinessWeek has started.)

There is still fumbling as editors and producers test limits of readers, viewers and listeners to integration. Media relations work has changed greatly in recent years in response to these tests. It's going to change a lot more. We still have clients who want to see a clip from a newspaper or magazine rather than looking at an article online. That is going away quickly, but old habits die hard. If technology should ever get to the point where we all carry electronic paper that changes headlines by the hour, we can at last proclaim full integration. There is a long way to go.


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