Wednesday, January 10, 2007


One of the hardest tasks is acceptance. That is, recognizing another has a different view from you and there isn't much chance of crossing a divide. The challenge is how to work together and thrive rather than remaining at loggerheads. It's a public relations issue and often, a personal issue as well. Different viewpoints usually provide for a richer environment, one in which it is harder for the ego to fashion its own little world of order.

Acceptance can be hard, cruel even, to the organization or individual committed to a path. Think of Kodak's reliance on film stock that served the company well for over a hundred years. In the digital era, Kodak has shrunk and shrunk again in an effort to change to digital. For years, the firm could not accept that bits and bytes were going to replace silver nitrates, but it is now committed to a course that is changing the company completely. Will Kodak survive? It's still hard to say, but had it not changed, it certainly would disappear.

Acceptance is probably the toughest challenge of growth and many individuals and organizations don't make the transition. On the other hand, if they do, they are more powerful and open for the experience.


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