Wednesday, January 31, 2007

All Vista All The Time 

One could be near death and still know Microsoft has launched its new operating system, Vista. The news is "All Vista All the Time." Microsoft has always been an aggressive marketer, but its current campaign is verging on the ridiculous -- about half a billion worth of media spending.

One wonders whether Microsoft needs to be so noisy. It's the equivalent of a megaphone in the hands of the company that it uses to blast directly into your ear. I wonder if Microsoft trusts public relations. I suspect it doesn't, although it pays heavily for publicity.

It is this kind of ostentatious display that is off-putting to competitors who don't have the cash Microsoft has. It seems so needless as well. The company's operating system is going to go into new PCs whether one likes it or not, and few are going to run out and buy Vista to upgrade because of the stiff operating system requirements in the massive code.

So what is all the noise really about? It makes one wonder.


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