Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Gone Again 

I'm not a sports fan. I watch games now and then, but I don't root for teams. That written, I noted with disbelief that a much-traveled coach around American football leagues has retired yet again. This came just weeks after telling everyone he needed to be a coach more than ever.

Might one say this person's credibility is suffering? The least one can think is that, perhaps, this person doesn't know his own mind. My guess is he may find another coaching slot. He has been successful in his career, but what would an owner think who retains his services? This guy will leave before the end of his contract?

The coach has created a public relations problem for himself because he says one thing and does another. He may be disappointed that his team did poorly this year, but so what? Resigning for that reason would indicate a level of immaturity, an inability to stay a course.

Perhaps the rule here is that high-profile people need to assume the responsibilities of the level they have reached. The public expects it.


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