Thursday, January 04, 2007

The New Job Description 

This advice for small newspapers contains a job description that should apply to PR. Hire only those with multimedia skills. Here is a snip.

...the Internet era requires more than finding people who can snap a news photograph and write a story and lay out the front page. (snip)

My advice is to ONLY hire people whose skills cross media platforms. Look for people who not only understand and are enthusiastic about online media, but who also can serve the print edition well. If a job candidate says she has always aspired to be a newspaper reporter, and doesn't come in the door with some multimedia skills and experience such as video and audio production, frankly I'd keep looking. You might even go so far as to look skeptically at candidates who look great when it comes to new-media skills but lack the experience or motivation to work on the print side, if you simply can't afford that much specialization.

There are PR practitioners today who don't fit that job description. One wonders how much longer they will be relevant.


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