Monday, January 01, 2007

The New Year 

I've often wondered about artificial demarcations we use in calendars. Today is supposed to be the start of a new year, but for clients with crises, it is another day in continuing events they would rather forgo. For many who work on this holiday, it isn't time off. For those who take time off, it is a day to take down Christmas decorations and to put them away. It also is a day to think about work tomorrow and what will be on the desk when one gets back to the office. O yes, there is the matter of football in the US for those who are sports addicts. Elsewhere, there may be a finding one's consciousness after a night of celebration.

I suppose it is good to have a day in which one is supposed to take stock and make resolutions, which most will forget a day later. There is a merit in ceremony. Given all that, however, it is hard to wish others a Happy New Year. Rather, I would wish them a continuation of peace, if they possess it and health, if they don't. And, I would wish them the ability to ride through the stresses that every human suffers and to enjoy the good moments too. That is a wish I make every day of the year.


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