Wednesday, January 24, 2007


This is an interesting paper that discusses the pullback of international news bureaus among US newspapers. While the author makes good arguments for continuation of foreign news bureaus, it occurred to me that, perhaps, it isn't fatal to have fewer international bureaus among midsized newspapers in the US. Why shouldn't newspapers purchase more international news from diverse sources like Reuters and Associated Press? In fact, that is what many are doing. There is a homogeneous view that comes from buying news, but there are so many news sources it needn't be the case.

What is striking as a PR practitioner is to see the change in perspectives in news reporting once one leaves the US. It certainly wouldn't hurt to get more of an international view before the American public. As in all cultures, there is a tendency toward internal focus among US media. That tendency is largely unconscious and comes from growing up in this society. It is sometimes shocking to see what others think who have grown up outside US culture. It's a good shock, though and a reminder that there are other views, whether we like it or not.


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