Monday, February 05, 2007

An Odd Kind Of PR 

When one thinks about it, rating Super Bowl advertising is an odd kind of PR. Not only are companies selling something, but they get a real-time evaluation from viewers on how they are doing. There are studies that rate audience preference for advertising throughout the year, but the Super Bowl has grabbed attention as the one time when a mass audience weighs in publicly and generates news headlines.

One wonders, however, whether the time and expense is worth the recognition gained. This year the cost of a 30-second spot was $2.6 million, a hefty PR budget by any measurement, and that did not count the cost of producing the spot itself. (The exception was the spot that used four bags of Doritos chips.)

Some advertisers are starting to avoid the Super Bowl because they don't think it's worth the cost. Maybe they are the smart ones. The dollars spent go a long way in reaching highly targeted audiences online.

How much longer can the Super Bowl hang on as a mass media delivery vehicle in an age of targeted marketing?

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