Monday, March 26, 2007

Corporations Are Next 

This story is one PR practitioners should take note of. Corporations are next. It doesn't take a great effort anymore to produce a video. The person who did this Anti-Hillary ad claimed that he finished it on a weekend at home. If that is the case, what is to stop any group from attacking a corporation and its leadership for their environmental policies or wages or health care? It is a matter of time before it happens.

The anti-Hillary video was viewed a million times before its creator confessed to producing it. He could have remained silent and continued on with his business. I suspect that more will do that so they don't get fired from their jobs. Corporations in the news should monitor YouTube as a matter of course along with news and blog scans.

Update: Actually some anti-corporate videos exist already on YouTube. The ones I saw a short time ago focus on Wal-Mart and aren't good, however. It takes skill to produce video. Perhaps the safety of politicians and of corporations is that most people lack the talent to do video well.

I'll be blogging about the Obama '84 issue at some point on our blog... but here is one video attacking a company I found to be above average...

Hi Jim,
I think you are taking this issue from a naive point of view. What you are talking about is happening now, and not only against candidates; products, CEOs, organizations, entire governments, and even countries, have their reputation in danger. The web 2.0 makes it amazingly easy to create and publish video, audio, photo or written contents. About anything you may have an oppinion that you'd like to share, with anyone in this world.
Try to search for "AIDS" in youtube. Do you think Bayer, the largest farmeceutical in Europe, is happy about the result? Look at this video about Telefónica first telecom company in Spain and Southamerica. But youtube is not the only source. And blogs either. We write a lot about this issue in our blog (sorry its in spanish), and at otus consulting, we are very concerned about this problem.

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