Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Human Nature 

After hurricanes and floods and with rising sea levels, one would assume that man would not build in low-lying spots next to the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. That assumption would be wrong, however. Building is proceeding in some areas as fast as ever. The question is why: The answer appears to be one of greed and willful ignorance.

As PR practitioners, we will meet similar circumstances in which there is a deliberate lack of understanding. No matter what we say or write or demonstrate, the target audience will pay no attention. It is then one moves out of the realm of persuasion and into the realm of law and politics. This is what happened in the wake of hurricane Katrina.

Persuasion works only as far as humans listen. In some cases, humans aren't willing to listen at all.

I felt identified with this post.

Sometimes lawyers are the audience, and they just want you to say or write only what the law says, literally.

They are not ignorant, they are arrogant.

Regards from Buenos Aires.

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